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  • Charitable Organization Kharkov Samaritans
  • Charitable Organization Kharkov Samaritans
  • Charitable Organization Kharkov Samaritans
  • Charitable Organization Kharkov Samaritans
  • Charitable Organization Kharkov Samaritans
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Assistance to internally displaced persons in Ukraine. The "Winter Relief"

    The charitable organization "Kharkov Samaritans" informs the successful launch of the International Programme to assist internally displaced people in the Kharkiv region.

Workers Union Samaritans Germany (ASV) in collaboration with the Union of Samaritans Ukraine (SSA) from December 2014 launched a project with a budget of 517 000,00 EUR (financing of the German Foreign Ministry and ASB) to assist internally displaced people in Ukraine in the form of "winter aid", with the support of local and regional institutions, as well as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

The purpose of the project: assistance in the form of monthly food packages for 4,500 internally displaced persons in Ukraine, providing warm winter clothes 1000, lease suitable for winter accommodation for 250 people, as well as the provision of primary pre-hospital care.

The project covers the city of Kiev and region, Poltava region, as well as in Kharkiv and the region. The rationale for such a territorial choice is that according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Kiev and Kharkov registered the highest number of internally displaced persons. In all three regions there are organizations Samaritans who can distribute food packages, warm winter clothing, as well as to provide primary health care, and ASV is already working with the three organizations for many years.

Workers Union Samaritans Germany for over 20 years, together with the Union of Ukraine Samaritan cares for the sick, the infirm and dependent on outside help people. This solidarity partnership will continue in these difficult times for Ukraine, times.

Assistance to internally displaced Ukraine. The Winter Relief

On 22.12.2014, the charity organization "Kharkov Samaritans" with the support of the Department of Labour and Social Policy of the Kharkiv city council launched a program "Measures to" winter aid "internally displaced persons in Kiev, Poltava and Kharkiv regions" in the Kharkiv region.

Among the internally displaced persons registered in the Department of Social Protection, primarily assists families with many children, single mothers, the disabled, the elderly, children and adolescents from low-income families.

For the period from 25 December 2014 to 9 January 2015 adopted more than 10 tons of humanitarian cargo, packaged and issued 750 food parcels and 250 sets of warm clothing, as well as 70 sets of children.

In February 2015, in the framework of the program is expected to arrive in the city of Kharkov German delegation consisting of representatives of the German Foreign Ministry, ASV Fund and the United Nations to assess the effectiveness and possible further increase in humanitarian aid.


Supplement to the application for recognition of humanitarian aid

Under the terms of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, all the goods are purchased centrally for immigrants Association Kiev Ukraine Union Samaritans.

Contracts for rent or utilities payments are concluded with the Association of Kiev Ukraine Union Samaritans and disburse account in Kiev.

The primary pre-medical assistance if necessary in areas where in Kiev, Kharkov, Poltava region and local organizations have specialists Samaritans.

The German side has identified humanitarian assistance to the Kharkov region as follows: food parcels - 750 x 4 months, a set of warm clothes - 250 people, warm housing payment - 100 x 4 months, the primary pre-medical assistance - 500 people.

The composition of the food basket: barley groats, wheat cereal, pasta, sunflower oil, sugar, tea, canned fish, canned meat, peas, jam, biscuits. Hygiene products: washing powder, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper. Set of warm clothes: Warm jacket, socks, hat and scarf, winter boots, a blanket. For children up to one year provided for baby food and diapers.


Our stores are located in Kharkov at the following addresses:

- St. Poltava Way, 53/55 (district South Station, opposite the house of life);
- St. Frunze, 1 (indoor Chernobyl Union of Ukraine) - Assist temporary migrants from the Chernobyl and their families.

Opening hours from 10 to 15 hours on working days.

For information call. 755-92-53.
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Winter Relief


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