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  • Charitable Organization Kharkov Samaritans
  • Charitable Organization Kharkov Samaritans
  • Charitable Organization Kharkov Samaritans
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The «Сare сenter and the mobile service in the Kharkiv region»

    The draft program was created with the aim of awakening public awareness of new standards of excellence in the field of care for older people and the need to invest in this kind of programs.

The work center for the care and mobile services in the Kharkiv region, was launched in the year 2008, within the framework of the international program "was born a desire to help - international partnerships for the care of older people in Central and Eastern Europe».

The program is fully funded by the German non-governmental organizations: "Union workers Samaritans Germany» (ASB) and the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future» (EVZ), and aims to provide targeted social assistance to residents of the city of Kharkov and the Kharkov region of the number of people affected from the Nazis during the Second world War. Some of these individuals include former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, ghettos and forced laborers, and born in captivity.

Mobile Service Station is located in the sanatorium "Grove" (the village. pesochin, Kharkiv district, Kharkiv region). Here is organized and coordinated the work of three mobile teams that serve 105 people at home among the victims of Nazism living in the Kharkiv region.

Forms service charges:

  • Basic care assistance for the care of the body, when eating and movement (mobility) - that is the main moments of everyday life;
  • Care: measuring vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar levels), treatment of wounds, bedsores, massage, provision of medicines and help in their reception;
  • Help in the household: grocery shopping, cleaning of the apartment (house), laundry and cooking;
  • Consultation in the social sphere: legal and social counseling on actual rights of beneficiaries;
  • Courses for members of the families: lessons in caring for people of advanced age;

Regularly holds workshops to improve the skills of all employees. Besides daily briefings are held, summing up the day. Being a documentary account and control.

Due to the fact that the teams are equipped with vehicles - aid becomes more effective, more mobile, there are more opportunities in its timely delivery. Attracting volunteers and training relatives care for the elderly significantly improve the quality of life of wards (evidenced by the numerous positive reviews of the center).

Based on the positive results of the mobile center for the reporting period, and we filed an application for an extension of the program, the leadership of the German fund decided to continue funding through 2015, provided support for the program from the local public administration and a possible share of financial assistance.

The "care center and the mobile service in the Kharkiv region," gives a decisive impulse for the future structure of care and aims to awaken in the public mind and the competent state agencies understanding of new quality standards in the field of care for older people and the need to invest in such programs.

The strength of the program is training with family wards and volunteers. Classes are held once a month 1. On average 8-10 participants.

The seminar program care center and mobile service


  • Understanding the elderly;
  • Talk to people;
  • Protection of the rights of patients;
  • Security Trust;
  • Infection Control;
  • The measurement of vital signs;
  • Personal Care Trust;
  • A healthy diet;
  • Allocation of waste products;
  • Care during the recovery period;
  • Caring for people with chronic diseases;
  • Caring for dying people.

Classes are conducted by experts of the center, including teachers, drawn from schools. Classes visit relatives wards, volunteers, everyone who cares about compassion and caring for their neighbors.

Students gain knowledge about anatomy, human physiology; about the features of the processes of aging; violations of the human body in certain chronic diseases, are taught practical skills for care (at home) for the elderly.

The program is essentially supported by local governments and foreign missions.


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