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  • Charitable Organization Kharkov Samaritans
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Program «Measures on «Humanitarian Aid» provision in Kyiv, Poltava, Kharkiv, Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk Regions» 2015/2016.

     As of 23.03.2015 1 178 000 people got registered as internally displaced people (Administration of the High Commissioner on Refugees).

    In December 2014 – February 2015 in Close Collaboration of Workers Union Samaritans Germany (ASB) and the Union of Samaritans Ukraine humanitarian program “Measures on Winter Aid provision to internally displaced people in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava Regions” was successfully implemented. For the period of program holding the Charitable Organization “Kharkov Samaritans” provided aid to over 3 000 persons in Kharkiv region. Organization staff members showed deferential attitude towards internally displaced people by directing their efforts to helping people. Great devotion was also displayed by our volunteers, who helped by loading and unloading operations, packing and handing out product packages. The people, who received aid, deeply appreciate our work organizing at serving out points, for humane attitude, for the help itself.
    As of today internally displaced people are strongly in need of food, especially for babies and infants, beddings and hygiene products, warm clothes in winter period, in receiving basic medical aid and advises on the issues of health care and the necessity to provide primary aid in cases of psychosocial traumas outlined. The issue of internally displaced people employment is of actual value.
    On the basis of successful implementation of the program “Winter Aid”, increase of amount of internally displaced people in Ukraine and the necessity of providing them all-round humanitarian aid the German Fund ASB together with Ukrainian partners proceeds providing humanitarian aid in 2015 г.– 2016.

Humanitarian Aid


1. Serving out food products, hygiene products within 12 months, as well as provision of primary medical aid and inclusion of other regions in the scope of the program:

(duration: from April 2015 until February 2016)

    In order to support internally displaced people in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy regions product packages serving out is planned. One product package contains essential foods (tinned food, butter, cereals, macaroni, sugar, tee etc.). It is separately planned to serve out packages for children (baby foods, diapers), medicines.

Priority attention is paid to:

- families of dependent children,
- single mothers (fathers),
- disabled people,
- pensioners over 65.


2. Broadening basic medical aid:
    Apart of medical provision of internally displaced people (provision first predictor aid, providing with medicines, advises on hygiene) it is planned to hold trainings on overcoming psychological traumas. In addition trainings on provision first aid are planned.

3. Expansion of possibilities of internally displaced people by means of education (trainings) with the aim of self-provision of means of subsistence:
  Within the framework of the project the possibility of gaining their own constant incomes and thus being independent of humanitarian and state aid shall be imparted to internally displaced people with the help of trainings.
Educational measures shall be aimed at the sphere of social services (care, simple medical services, training on first aid provision).Together with teachers and instructors from Ukraine, and, possibly, from Germany, internally displaced people shall be able to be trained on various topics of educational program. The center of the target group are single mothers

4. «Winter aid» 2015

(Duration: October – December 2015)

    During autumn and winter period it is planned to serve out winter clothes (winter coats, hat, muffers, shoes, gauntlets, blankets) packages to internally displaced people in the project regions.

    Facilities of the state institutions of Ukraine for internally displaced people provision are restricted. Now it is difficult to prognosticate, whether the situation shall improve in the following months. That is why it is extremely important to further develop successive collaboration of Workers Union Samaritans Germany and Union of Samatitans Ukraine on implementation of humanitarian programs on provision aid to internally displaced people in Ukraine.


Additional information is available at the tel. +38 (057) 755-92-53 с 20.04.2015г.


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